Friday, September 25, 2009

One down

Did my first cross race last weekend.
Nittany Cross at the Velo.
Great turnout.
Good course.
Great fun.
Most of the fun, however, was the day before at setup.
About 10 of us set out with steaks, caution tape, etc and Taus didn't have the class to get us beer?
I now understand why.
Our productivity went from about 95 to a 5 in a matter of 54 camo cans.
Bobby and I proudly led the charge.
Many others put in solid performances: Gui, Bowman, etc.
When Yozell saw us approaching with a stolen roller cooler he said "there goes my crew"...How right he was. He did win the 35+ race the next day and headed south to Baltimore to Charm City to roll those Bit@hes as well. All wearing socks, mind you.
Racing Whrilibird CX this weekend.
Check out this promo video...Nice:

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