Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Boozin'

So if you're like me, you may tip a few over the holiday season (OSU-Michigan game thru New Year's Day thru the College Bowls thru NFL Playoffs thru March Madness).
I was wondering how many calories *someone* would be consuming in adult beverages.
The math I used:
2 drinks per hour on a day with family/friends/football games.
So how many calories over the end of Nov thru New Year's Day?
Light estimates show 21,146 if one drank High Life Light.
Light estimates show 14,560 if one drank 45 proof Bourbon (Maker's Mark, of course).
I did an excel spreadsheet...Really.
Whiskey over Beer yields about a 7,000 calorie savings. If you've ever seen *someone* drink whiskey, it usually isn't pretty. Could lead to violence, theft, arson, divorce, etc.
Wonder how fast *someone* would be without these extra calories.
I care not to find out...But if you want to find out how many calories are in your fav bev check this out. It even has mixed drinks.
Here's the beer one.
Happy Holidays. Drive safe.

Saturday, November 21, 2009 promo video

Created by Brad Ford:
President and CEO of has a conversation with bike-style-guy: Cush

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why Cyclocross?

So here is a video trailer from the movie "Pure Sweet Hell". One perspective on cyclocross.
It plays on the "spiritual" side of the sport...More realistically, it's just fun and for those of us who thrive on competing in everything we do, it satisfies...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lots of stuff

So I haven't posted in a while...I'm sure both of my followers have been disappointed.
Lot going on here at Jackass in Bel HQ.
First, my business venture, is coming along. We have a small assortment of LoF items essential for all your LoF needs.
We aren't up and running online yet, but it looks like in the next week or two. I may have to place a second sock order as the white are almost gone. The clothing should be trickling in soon.
The bmschneX project began sometime in September and has taken form. The track itself is 90% complete. I just need to tweak some burms, etc. Or just leave it alone and everyone can harden the fu@k up...
We had a trial run on Sunday which involved High Life, PBR, Spaten Octoberfest, Hoegaarden, Chili, Hot Dogs, Buffalo dip, Fire, bikes on fire, a bmschneX Madison, among other things. One rider even did a stunt over the first berm. I think it's called a superman or something.
Other than that, just racing B Masters Cross races. Seem to fit my fitness right now.
FSX is in full swing. 70+ riders last week!!! This thing truly was the coolest cross race ever...It's still fun but is moving in the competitive direction. I'm doing my best to stop that.
New Bikes in my arsenel:
A dirt jumper from Jamis

A Niner (not mine shown but close) trimmed with pink and white accents. It glows in the dark. I want to be more like Cush. Thanks for the *loaner* Cush!!!

And to all of you concerned folks, my Ridley I ordered in May will be here in 3 weeks...I'm not holding my breath.
Hope everyone is riding lots. Do it now. The snow is approaching.

Friday, September 25, 2009

One down

Did my first cross race last weekend.
Nittany Cross at the Velo.
Great turnout.
Good course.
Great fun.
Most of the fun, however, was the day before at setup.
About 10 of us set out with steaks, caution tape, etc and Taus didn't have the class to get us beer?
I now understand why.
Our productivity went from about 95 to a 5 in a matter of 54 camo cans.
Bobby and I proudly led the charge.
Many others put in solid performances: Gui, Bowman, etc.
When Yozell saw us approaching with a stolen roller cooler he said "there goes my crew"...How right he was. He did win the 35+ race the next day and headed south to Baltimore to Charm City to roll those Bit@hes as well. All wearing socks, mind you.
Racing Whrilibird CX this weekend.
Check out this promo video...Nice: